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by Charlie Stanard

Why an 'MVP' website strategy works for home builders

With so many new startups and tech companies going mainstream, it's hard to keep up with everything unless you happen to live in Silicon Valley. And in an industry like new home construction, it's even more difficult to apply new approaches with[...]

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Lead nurturing Marketing Strategies Articles

by Chelsea Johnson

3 high-performing prospect emails you should be sending and why

In today's densely-saturated marketing landscape, email still reigns as a primary way to communicate with prospects. But do you ever struggle with knowing what types of emails you should be sending - and why?

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by Sallie Wright Serene

The Home Builder's Cheat Sheet for Research & User Testing

Ever wonder how home builders can improve the user experience with research and testing?

In the ever-expanding world of User Experience (UX), organizations are starting to realize just how important research and user testing can be to improve the[...]

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User research Usability Testing UX research Articles

by Rachel Conn

Think You Need a New Home Builder Website Design? Read this first.

Often the phrase “we need a new website” can strike fear into the heart of home building marketers.

Website redesigns for builders can take months, even years of hard work. And they often run over schedule and over budget. Then after all the[...]

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Home Builder CX Articles Customer experience

by Dallas Johnson

The Important Metrics to Track in Your Customer Experience Program

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we covered the impact of a dedicated customer experience (CX) initiative to home building performance and the components of a winning customer experience strategy. In Part 3, we’ll look at the importance of[...]

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by Jimmy Diffee

13 Technologies to Improve the Home Buying Experience

While almost everyone understands the benefits technology can bring, deciding which tools to integrate into your business can be extremely daunting. Technology moves quickly and we often find ourselves in a position where the technology we chose[...]

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How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

Get the guide that helps you get back to the fundamentals, and break the bad habits that lead to poor sales.

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