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by Aviva Johnson

Should You Be Doing A/B Testing on Your Homebuilder Website?

Maybe you’ve heard of A/B testing, or split testing, and it sounds like one of those things that

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by Dallas Johnson

Components of a Winning Customer Experience Strategy for Home Builders

In Part 1 of this series on Customer Experience in the Home Building Industry, we made a case for improving the customer experience in the home building industry. In this article, Part 2, we identify the core components of a successful Customer[...]

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Articles User Testing Customer experience Personalization User research Usability Testing

by Sallie Wright Serene

The Advantage of Usability Testing in a Competitive Home Buying Market

For decades, home builders have struggled when it comes to communication with their home buyers. If you’ve ever built a home, then this concept is not lost on you. Homebuyers want frequent communication with their builders, and want to be in the[...]

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Articles Customer experience Customer journey mapping Personalization User research

by Jimmy Diffee

Using construction software to improve customer satisfaction

Your construction software may be good at scheduling. But is it good at keeping customers happy?

A few months ago, I was leading a design-thinking program called Skunkworks, after Lockheed Martin’s super-secret innovation program. An important[...]

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Articles Customer experience Marketing Strategies Personalization User research

by Rachel Conn

Using Mobile First Design to Improve Your Sales Center Experience

Once upon a time, cell phones were just phones, and home buyers were restricted to researching a purchase from a

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Articles Voice of the customer Builder culture Customer experience Marketing Strategies User research

by Sara Lambert

Proactively Gathering Customer Feedback in the Home Buying Process

There’s a saying that goes: “We have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

How often do we actually put this into practice? If Google and Facebook reviews have taught us anything, it’s that home buyers have a lot to[...]

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How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

Get the guide that helps you get back to the fundamentals, and break the bad habits that lead to poor sales.

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