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by Chelsea Johnson

3 high-performing prospect emails you should be sending and why

In today's densely-saturated marketing landscape, email still reigns as a primary way to communicate with prospects. But do you ever struggle with knowing what types of emails you should be sending - and why?

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Marketing Strategies Articles

by Paul Gortzig

Do you really need MORE leads?

“More leads? Heck yeah, bring em on! You can never have too many leads, can you? That’s like having too much ice cream.” Well, I contend to you that you can have too many leads (and too much ice cream for that matter).

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Articles Customer experience Marketing Strategies Personalization User research

by Rachel Conn

Using Mobile First Design to Improve Your Sales Center Experience

Once upon a time, cell phones were just phones, and home buyers were restricted to researching a purchase from a

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Articles Lead conversion Marketing Strategies Online Sales Program Sales User research

by Jimmy Diffee

What are average conversion rates for home builders?

Below is a graphic of “Average Conversion Rates” taken from a presentation by the Bokka Group at the 2017 DCX Conference

Average conversion rates may vary greatly by industry. The graphic illustrates conservative average rates through the new[...]
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Articles Customer experience Digital media Marketing automation Marketing Strategies Personalization

by Jimmy Diffee

Top Digital Trends for Home Builders in 2017

What does the future of digital look like for home builders? In a field not always known for being on the leading edge of technology, it’s exciting to see the construction industry now embracing these digital trends for home builders. From [...]

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Articles Customer experience Digital media Lead conversion Sales Marketing Strategies

by Bokka Group

The Ideal New Home Buying Experience

How bringing together sales and marketing technologies can create the ideal home buying experience.

Have you ever wondered what the home-buying process of the future will look like?

Imagine model interiors like the Star Trek holodeck, where you[...]

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How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

Get the guide that helps you get back to the fundamentals, and break the bad habits that lead to poor sales.

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