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by Jimmy Diffee

Why the Customer Experience Matters Now More Than Ever for Builders

There’s nothing new about the concept of delivering great customer experiences.

But the term itself has achieved buzzword status over the past few years. And with companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple embracing it to dominate entire[...]

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by Jimmy Diffee

What are average conversion rates for home builders?

Below is a graphic of “Average Conversion Rates” taken from a presentation by the Bokka Group at the 2017 DCX Conference

Average conversion rates may vary greatly by industry. The graphic illustrates conservative average rates through the new[...]
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by Jimmy Diffee

Millennials Demand Better Home Buying Experience

Millennials are forcing home builders to change the way they do business (especially as it relates to home builder marketing)

The Millennials have arrived – it’s no secret. And they won’t settle for anything less than a great experience, whether[...]

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by Bokka Group

The Ideal New Home Buying Experience

How bringing together sales and marketing technologies can create the ideal home buying experience.

Have you ever wondered what the home-buying process of the future will look like?

Imagine model interiors like the Star Trek holodeck, where you[...]

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by Bokka Group

Trustpoints: What Home Buyers Really Want From Your Web Site

Your home builder website is your 24/7 model center

The time of home builder websites as online brochures has long since passed, as more and more builders understand the value of a website to attract, engage and nurture prospective home buyers on[...]

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by Bokka Group

2 Big Sessions at IBS 2013: Email 2.0 and Online Sales Counselors

Bokka Group to Speak at International Builder’s Show

Now that we’ve shaken off the last of our holiday merriment, we’re excited to turn our attention to the upcoming 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas on January 22 – 24.

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Homebuilder’s Guide to Evaluating Your Customer Experience

Find out how the Customer Experience Model differs from the Sales Funnel as the first step of assessing your customer experience.

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