Customer Experience Services for
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We help you create a better customer experience
for your home buyers. Our services include:

Designed for builders large and small, we get all departments working together to deliver memorable customer experiences. Construction consulting services range from Journey Mapping to Culture, and more.

Marketing has evolved. We now have more data on our customers than ever. But what are you doing with it? Our decades of experience will help you find more qualified prospects and nurture them to sales and referrals.

Our technology solutions, surveys, & customer satisfaction monitoring allow you to gather & analyze feedback throughout the entire customer experience. See how we bring all your data collection under one roof.

“We continue to be impressed by their strategic focus and customer service, and we consider Bokka a key partner…they truly are a leader in their field.”

– Mark Wilson, President, London Bay Homes

“I’ve pulled my hair out trying to understand where my marketing dollars are going. With Bokka, I now understand.”

– David Oyler, Executive Vice President, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“They got our ideas and messages put into action quickly and professionally. They value teamwork and synergy and are the best I’ve experienced”

– David Logsdon, CEO, Wayne Homes

“The journey mapping process resulted in a lot of 'a-ha moments' to take to our design team for improving the customer experience.”

– Rich Larson, COO Saddleback Design

“We had tangible takeaways that we can start implementing right away, from improving technology to make it easier for our buyers, to finding new ways to make them feel more important at closing.”

– Garrett Boyd, Wonderland Homes

“Thank you for always looking out for Wayne Homes, for always wanting the best for us! Your knowledge, advice and guidance has been invaluable and is the main reason we are performing so well.”

– Maurie Jones, VP/Marketing, Wayne Homes

“I am happy to report that, with the help, creativity, knowledge, and dedication of the entire Bokka team…we beat our sales goal.”

– Jessica Champlin, Director of Marketing, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“I was a little wary at first because it was all new, but with your team’s help it has been a very easy transition and takes a lot of the stress off of everyone because things are often done ahead of schedule, which makes my life much easier.”

– Liz Reuth, Digital Strategy Manager, Neal Communities

“The unfiltered dialogue centered around the customer’s journey was invaluable. We plan to immediately start on a laundry list of improvements to our customer journey. You have a great way of digging deep into our process and how it affects our customers.”

– Division President, National Home Builder

“[Journey mapping] was great - very interactive, and FUN. The process really made us think outside the box & put ourselves in the shoes of our customer. I would definitely recommend it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10.”

– Hilary, Sales Manager, Wayne Homes

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