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In order to differentiate from the competition, you need to think differently as an organization. Put the customer first, every time. This isn’t an easy task in the home building industry. There are countless moving parts, and pressure from all directions to sell more homes, reduce construction times and minimize defects.

We understand the challenges home builders face.

Consulting is the cornerstone of our of our Customer Experience Services and is designed for builders large and small to get all departments operating seamlessly to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Our consulting services include the following programs:

Customer Journey Mapping

Bring together your team to see the customer journey from the home buyer’s perspective, across all touchpoints they have with you. This helps you understand the experience you’re delivering and clearly see the path to improvement.

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company vision

Company Vision Alignment

Tap into our industry expertise and ensure your vision for customer service resonates with the entire team. After our Vision Alignment consulting sessions, builder executives tell us they value having a guide they can trust to improve the experience of buying, building, and living in a new home.


Employee Culture

Create a culture of doing right by the customer and empower your employees to contribute to this cause. Your organizational culture will be evaluated, and we'll identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities. It will not only benefit your customers, but it will keep your employees happy and reduce turnover. 

Customer listening

Customer Listening Program / Voice of the Customer

All home builders conduct surveys. But without a systematic process for gathering, analyzing, and activating customer feedback or you're just shooting in the dark. Companies with this type of program enjoy almost 10-times-greater year-over-year increases in revenue. We’ll help you collect data proactively throughout the home buying journey, then actually make sense out of it. We’ll also keep you accountable for implementing positive, customer-centric change.

Online Sales Consultant program

Online Sales Consultant Program

It was just a few years ago this was a hot new topic at IBS (we know – we led the sessions). Now it’s become a must-have for builders of all sizes to bridge the gap between online and on-site experiences. We’ve built and grown some of the most successful online sales programs in the industry. We will guide you through the process and share valuable resources, whether you’re starting from scratch, or taking your program to the next level.

new home sales training

New Home Sales Consulting

The old school way of selling homes won't work with future buying generations. They expect amazing customer experiences and want to feel empowered, not sold to. This program is designed to take your sales experience to the next level by building trust with prospects and guiding them through the process. Soon, we will be selling homes completely online. This program will prepare you for it.

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“The journey mapping process resulted in a lot of ‘a-ha moments’ to take to our design team for improving the customer experience.”

– Rich Larson, COO Saddleback Design


Insights from customer research and journey mapping lead to breakthrough campaign for a leading real estate firm.


PPC strategy for top 100 home builder delivers over 4,500 leads in 20 months. Conversion rate jumps from 1% to 11%.


Usability testing insights lead to 56% increase in leads in the first 60 days for Denver-based Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.