Customer Experience Management and Monitoring

If your goal is to consistently deliver great home buying experiences, you need to have certain business processes and people in place to monitor and manage your customer experience on a regular basis. We help you identify customers that are starting to have bad feelings about their experience, and fix the problem before they “go off the rails” and blast you on review sites.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Programs

All home builders conduct surveys. However, having a systematic process for gathering, analyzing, and activating customer feedback is called a VoC Program. And it’s what allows VoC leaders to enjoy almost 10-times-greater year-over-year increases in revenue. We’ll help you collect data proactively throughout the home buying journey, then actually make sense out of it. We’ll also keep you accountable for implementing positive, customer-centric change.

Metrics & KPIs

Companies that consistently deliver great experiences get the following things right: 1) Meets needs, 2) Easy, and 3) Enjoyable. Establishing metrics that show progress in these areas is critical to accurately measuring the experience you’re delivering. Simple customer satisfaction scores are not nearly enough.

Voice of the Employee (VoE) Programs

Your people are your biggest assets. And that’s especially true when it comes to CX. To fully adopt a customer-centric program means empowering every employee to bring joy and confidence to the home buying experience. This is possible with a VoE program that allows your people’s voices to be heard and use their feedback to provide a better employee experience.

Cultural Adoption

In our industry, we take great pride in the fact that we’re creating homes where memories will be created and shared. Culture is created around a common language, and we need to instill a language and culture of always putting the customer first. This goes well beyond a core value developed in an executive boardroom. It is something that is voluntarily embraced and promoted by every person in the organization.

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“I am happy to report that, with the help, creativity, knowledge, and dedication of the entire Bokka team…we beat our sales goal.”

– Jessica Champlin, Director of Marketing, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“I was a little wary at first because it was all new, but with your team’s help it has been a very easy transition and takes a lot of the stress off of everyone because things are often done ahead of schedule, which makes my life much easier.”

– Liz Reuth, Digital Strategy Manager, Neal Communities

“We continue to be impressed by their strategic focus and customer service, and we consider Bokka a key partner…they truly are a leader in their field.”

– Mark Wilson, President, London Bay Homes

“Thank you for always looking out for Wayne Homes, for always wanting the best for us! Your knowledge, advice and guidance has been invaluable and is the main reason we are performing so well.”

– Maurie Jones, VP/Marketing, Wayne Homes


Insights from customer research and journey mapping lead to breakthrough campaign for a leading real estate firm.


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