Smartphone App for Construction Updates Improves Communication and Builds Trust

Builder Signal solves communication problems for builders. The smartphone app has made over 15,000 home buyers happy through effortless construction updates.

R&D Shows Technology Can Improve Communication And Build Trust

After studying the buyer experience for decades, the Bokka Group found a solution to the communication challenge during construction. The premise we started with was simple: buyers want more updates on the building of their home and more understanding of the process. We also learned builders, including both construction teams and the sales teams, are extremely busy when they arrive on site. From a construction standpoint, site managers have their hands full building homes and delivering homes on time. From a sales standpoint, their focus is primarily selling more homes and letting the backlog take care of itself.

So Bokka built a smartphone app for construction updates called Builder Signal to solve the problem for busy builders.

The app now has a track record of making over 15,000 buyers happy through effortless construction updates. Builder Signal also reinforces those behaviors you are hoping to see from your team of walking homes more often and being their resident expert.

Builder Signal: An App For Construction Updates

The Bokka Group developed Builder Signal as an easy-to-use smartphone app for home builders. It quickly became an essential communication tool used, providing construction updates to buyers wanting to see the progress of their homes. The app delivers photo updates, proactively, showing the current status of the home in real-time along with a description of what the home buyer should expect during each stage of construction. Each buyer gets their own shareable website showing the progress photos of their home as it gets built.

An extremely easy process, Builder Signal is equipped with a backend dashboard. So for the first time managers can monitor your team's communication activity, in real-time, on the platform.

And home buyers love the integrated personal website which has a timeline where all photos and comments are collected and stored in one place. Homebuyers no longer have to dig through 8 months of emails looking for that one framing photo when the home was almost complete.

Builders using the app tell us it brings more efficiency to their team and is a constant source of delight to their home buyers. Many builders even tell us Builder Signal has improved their survey scores and resulted in stronger testimonials and referrals. It truly turns one of your homebuyer's biggest pain points into a greater building experience.

Give Builder Signal a try, it will bring efficiency to your communication, it will delight your homebuyers and it will have a positive impact on your survey scores. Send us a message for a free trial. Email: or schedule a time to chat below - we'd love to hear your story.

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