Usability testing insights lead to 56% increase in leads in the first 60 days for Denver-based Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.


Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, based in the Denver metro area, builds low-maintenance homes in 9 different communities throughout the region.

The Challenge

Shortly after launching a new website, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods needed a plan to benchmark and optimize their site ( to make sure they were providing enough value to convert prospective buyers into qualified leads. They knew that launching a new website was not a “set it and forget it” process. Instead, they wanted an iterative approach for continually improving the site based on user feedback.


We worked closely with their marketing team to establish metrics and objectives of a successful customer experience, and align them with company goals. We then developed a testing plan for maximizing the impact of data we collect, while minimizing waste. The plan identified key user scenarios, demographics/devices, critical user tasks, survey questions, competitors, and conversion funnels.

Collect Valuable User Data

We set to work collecting both qualitative and quantitative data from users on the website to better understand what users were currently doing on their site. We assessed areas of high opportunity (e.g. high-traffic, high bounce, landing pages, conversion pages, etc.) and used the data to benchmark important user activity like conversion rates and bounce rates.

We also recruited users to interact with the website in a task-based environment and created video recordings of these sessions to identify users’ pain points & find ways to improve both mobile and the full site experience. Other testing and observation methods included: engagement maps, user path analysis, and form field activity.

After collecting and analyzing the user data, we implemented a strategy to enhance the user experience on the website in order to exceed current benchmarks for both usability and lead conversion.

Campaign Results (First 60 Days)

  • Overall lead conversions increased 56%
  • New “Digital Brochure” conversion point generated over 100 new leads
  • 47% improvement in overall visitor-to-lead conversion rate