Community Pre-Sale Strategy get 75 leads, 20 Sales in first 2 weeks.

Instead of using a traditional community launch, top builder gets a jumpstart with a pre-sale strategy.

The Background:

A Top 100 Builder needed to launch a new residential community with targeted inbound traffic that would generate leads and interest in the development. The campaign needed to launch in early March, with all media directed to the page beginning on March 17th. 

The Challenge:

The main objective of the campaign was to generate leads and interest in the pre-sale phase of this new residential community. The builder also wanted to increase the number of confirmed sales for the development. The community pages on their main website historically did not perform well and Bokka recommended a targeted landing page approach. (To learn more about home builder landing page strategies, check out this article.)

The Solution:

A conversion-centric landing page was quickly launched with "coming soon" messaging to generate interest. A variety of methods were used to drive traffic to the landing page, including:

  • Social media: Organic posts were made on the builder's Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as paid ads on both platforms.
  • Zillow Precision Targeted Boost Campaign: used Zillow's targeting capabilities to reach potential buyers in the area.
  • Digital Display Ads: used zip code targeted digital display ads to reach potential buyers in the area.
  • Leased List Email: sent an email to its 135k-person database to inform them about the new development and direct them to the landing page.
  • PPC Ads: used pay-per-click ads to drive traffic to the landing page.
  • Main Website: added a "Coming Soon" graphic with a link to the landing page on its home page and added the new development to the navigation as a "Coming Soon" community.

Final Result

The pre-sale campaign was successful in generating leads and sales in the new residential community.

  • In just over 2 weeks (from March 17th to April 4th) the campaign generated 75 new leads.
  • On April 4th, when the presale opened, there were 20 confirmed sales.

The dedicated landing page, along with the targeted media campaign, was effective in generating leads and interest in the new residential community. A variety of methods, including social media, Zillow, digital display ads, email, PPC ads, and website integration, helped drive traffic to the landing page and ultimately led to a successful presale.