How Strategic Emails Resulted in Record Website Traffic for Midwest Home Builder

By anchoring email marketing around new floor plan releases, we achieved the highest website traffic day in March 2023 and boosted overall monthly conversions

The Background:

Our team has worked for years with an on-your-lot builder in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and their marketing emails are a central form of communication for them. We have helped them navigate the ups and downs of the housing industry, including the Covid-19 Pandemic, by building up their email marketing strategy

This past year, we have been working with them through another set of challenges due to higher interest rates and inflation, resulting in decreased website traffic. Historically, they have deployed 3-topic newsletter-style emails to their Prospects, centered around product announcements. We have always seen particularly high engagement rates (Open Rates / Click-Through-Rates) with floor plan releases. 


The goal was to utilize their robust email marketing communication to increase website traffic. We did this by consistently communicating with their audience and providing exciting updates, specifically related to their new product development. 

The Challenge:

The housing industry was already grappling with the uncertainties of the Covid-19 Pandemic when it faced another setback: rising interest rates and mounting inflation. For this on-your-lot builder, this meant a significant drop in website traffic, a crucial touchpoint for them. Their historically successful 3-topic newsletter-style emails, especially floor plan releases, witnessed a decline in engagement. The key challenge: How could we reignite this engagement and counter the dwindling web traffic in such an unstable market?

The Solution:

  • During 2023, we have anchored their email communication around their new floor plan releases.
  • This homebuilder has an incredible product development team that truly listens to their audience on what type of product they prefer, and tailors their plan design around this. 
  • In March 2023, we deployed an email to their Prospect audience announcing a new floor plan. March 9th, the day we deployed the email and the floor plan was released on the website, was the highest single traffic day since June 2022.
  • Overall, we also saw the highest traffic month on the website since May 2022, and the highest conversion month since October 2022. 

Final Result

On March 9th, 2023, the day the email was dispatched and the floor plan made its debut on the website, they witnessed:

  • Their peak traffic day since June 2022.
  • Their highest traffic volume for a month since May 2022.
  • Their most prolific conversion month post-October 2022.
  • An impressive CTR of 6% and CTOR of 15%.
  • A total of 1,321 clicks directed to the plan page, originating from the email.