How One Builder Got Incredible Results from Email Marketing during an Unprecedented Time

Awareness + Conversion-based builder email marketing strategy results in record opens and clicks


For years we've provided email marketing and content strategies for this on-your-lot builder in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Like all new home builders this year, they had to navigate an unprecedented time during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This meant that they had to rely on connecting with their prospects virtually more than ever before.

As a result, a strong email strategy became a central form of communication for our client. They needed to get up-to-date information regarding product developments, model closures and model re-openings out to their prospects in a timely manner. Historically, we used a 3-topic format for these prospect email deployments, as this format allows for multiple topics to be included in each newsletter (see email marketing examples below). 


The goal was to keep their prospect email communication relevant and exciting so their audience stayed engaged with the brand, even during the lockdown and difficult times caused by the pandemic. Although people might not have been able to physically go see a model home or have an in-person conversation, we continued to nurture these prospects.


During the months of April, May, and June, we focused on Awareness+Conversion-Based Emails. Due to the necessary sales center closures caused by the pandemic, we used email content to promote their virtual tools and new floor plans. Therefore, the email communication created for prospects was full of fresh and timely content, and as a result, it performed incredibly well, with high open rates and click-through rates.

We also added a fourth topic option featuring photo and video galleries to the email template, to help compensate for the closed models. For this prospect email, the new 4th topic was clicked on more than any other topic.

Email examples (click to view larger):

April-2020-Homebuilder-Email-marketing-thumbnail May-2020-Homebuilder-Email-marketing-thumbnail June-2020-Homebuilder-Email-marketing-thumbnail


  • Monthly Prospect Email - April 2020
    • Opens - 13.86% (5,724)
    • Clicks - 25.4% (1,456)
  • Monthly Prospect Email - May 2020
    • Opens - 17.38% (7,264)
    • Clicks - 49.3% (3,581)
    • The website saw its highest traffic day ever when this deployed in May. This was the highest Open Rate (OR) and Click-Through Open Rate (CTOR) as well.
  • Monthly Prospect Email - June 2020
    • Opens - 17.5% (7,559)
    • Clicks - 51.4% (3,882)
    • This email saw another record. Highest performing Prospect Email ever for opens and clicks. 

By delivering relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis, the home builder's sales and marketing team saw incredible success during the tricky months immediately following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, it provided a lasting boost to their builder email marketing strategy overall and lasting results, even after some of the lockdown procedures caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic were lifted.