Home Personality Quiz Increases Lead Conversions by 66% in 30 Days

Fun and playful quiz asks home shoppers a series of short, easy questions. Outperforms all expectations.


The home buying journey starts online with your website. Shoppers can sort through floor plans, browse design options/features, and more. But floor plans and design options are just a taste of all the choices and decisions a shopper will have to make along the journey. This process can be overwhelming for some shoppers, and they may need help making decisions.


Online tools not only support a good online user experience (UX), but they are also an opportunity for converting visitors to leads. Additionally, for the builder, online tools can provide valuable data to sales teams. For all of these reasons, A regional US Homebuilder wanted to test a new online tool to support 3 goals, in order of importance:

  1. Increased leads and conversions on the website
  2. Help shoppers quickly and easily determine what room in their home is most important to them (and where they should dedicate the most budget)
  3. Provide Online and On-Site Sales Teams with important intel about their lead


We started with a few questions:

  1. What can Bokka create that offers enough value for shoppers to provide additional information? More than simply name and email address. 
  2. How can Bokka create a UX-tool that helps shoppers determine what room in their home is most important to them
  3. 3) What information is valuable to Sales Teams?

After solving these questions through collaboration with the builder, we developed the Home Personality Quiz. This fun and playful quiz asks home shoppers a series of short, easy questions. By filtering the shopper's answers, and after they provide their email address, a home personality is developed (what rooms they should dedicate the majority of their budget to.) At the same time, the shopper's answers are delivered to Online Sales Teams, which they can use to personalize their follow-up communication and tailor the on-site experience.


  • 30 days after the quiz launched, website conversions increased by 66%
  • The quiz has continued to be the top lead-generator on the website since it's launch.
  • Online Sales Consultants and the Onsite Sales Team were able to collect valuable information about their leads like:
    • 85% of prospects preferred an open-concept layout
    • 55% preferred a Farmhouse exterior design
    • 58% were ready to "break up with their existing home"
    • 49% said that more bedrooms and storage would "make their existing home better"
    • 50% said they would focus on the kitchen as the room "they would go all out on"
    • 60% said they would prefer a ranch

This quiz continues to be a prime source of lead generation (over 150 leads per month), and is used in inbound campaigns such as display banners, digital direct mail, and social media. The sales team has also seen an increase in appointments and sales from these leads.

What the Online Sales Consultants are saying:

"The Home Personality Quiz is quite the hit on our website. The leads are coming in like crazy…and it's so much easier to follow up since we know what's important to them."