Understanding Your Customer Experience

By researching what influences home buyers to move through different stages of the home buying and building process, we help you get better returns on your investments as well as improve the experience.

How we help with customer understanding:

Buyer Experience Research

We conduct research to find out how your prospects and buyers perceive the experience at each stage of the buying and building process. Our proven Home Buyer Experience Survey utilizes quantitative + qualitative research and data collection (with active prospects and/or recent buyers to inform strategic decisions. We can also work with you to conduct custom studies to identify specific problems with your customer experience that are inhibiting your growth and branding.

Mystery Shopping

Find out what it’s really like to buy from you. We conduct mystery shops throughout the research and buying phases to see through the eyes of your customer. This is important to collect data about how you are delivering on the company’s vision and process with new prospects. We will coordinate locations and key points of discovery to align with your process.

Usability Testing

The only way to really know if a product, service or tool actually improves the experience is to test with real users. We conduct testing with customers and prospects to determine if a new or existing technology or idea is likely to succeed. From conversion rate optimization (CRO) of lead-generating web pages to preference testing of new designs, we take the guesswork out of your investments.

Home Buyer Conversion Report

For 4 years, we’ve produced the industry’s leading research on the tools that convert prospects to buyers. The Conversion Report is the only study which provides home buyer data to new home builders regarding digital tools and their influence on lead conversions. Featured by Builder Magazine, the National Sales and Marketing Council (NAHB) and the BDX Summit.

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“Thank you for always looking out for Wayne Homes, for always wanting the best for us! Your knowledge, advice and guidance has been invaluable and is the main reason we are performing so well.”

– Maurie Jones, VP/Marketing, Wayne Homes


Insights from customer research and journey mapping lead to breakthrough campaign for a leading real estate firm.


PPC strategy for top 100 home builder delivers over 4,500 leads in 20 months. Conversion rate jumps from 1% to 11%.


Usability testing insights lead to 56% increase in leads in the first 60 days for Denver-based Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.