From the Archive: 2013-14 Home Buyer Conversion Report

by Bokka Group

Conversion report released with new home builder marketing and sales insight

Key findings from the new report showcase the value of digital home builder marketing tactics.

The 2nd annual Home Buyer Conversion Report shows increases in influence among nearly all the digital conversion tactics, most importantly in the following ways:

Live chat on builder websites becoming more widely accepted:

  • 71% of recent buyers are likely to use Live Chat to schedule a home tour (up from 51% last year). Most impressively, the number of luxury buyers in this category have more than tripled from last year (from 22% to 68%).

Mobile usage on the rise:

  • When it comes to researching home builder websites, 60% of buyers claim a mobile-friendly website is either “very important” or “critical.” This is a 31% increase over the previous year.

Builders’ website tone still most influential:

  • Of the lead conversion elements on a home builder’s website, buyers claimed the overall tone of a website has the highest influence when they’re considering whether to give out their contact information.

Buyers want more photos:

  • 97% of recent buyers considered web site photo galleries important to their builder selection process (and nearly half of these considered them “critical.”)
  • 96% of buyers considered digital photo galleries displayed in sales centers influential on their buying decision.

Paid search (like AdWords) is competing with SEO:

  • Home builder marketing tool: Paid search engine results are almost as influential as organic results in drawing prospects to home builder websites.

Banner ads up 30%:

  • Home builder marketing tool: Online banner ads’ power to attract buyers has risen from 46.9% last year to 60.9% (a 30% increase).

Monthly emails preferred:

  • When buyers opt-in to home builder email lists, 41% prefer to receive their updates monthly. This is one of the most powerful home builder marketing tools available.

These are just a few highlights from the Home Buyer Conversion Report, which is free to download here.

Get the full report here

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