How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market: A New Home Sales Guide

by Paul Gortzig

Get the guide that helps you get back to the fundamentals, and break the bad habits that lead to poor sales.


New-home-sales-guideRealtor.comNAR, and Metrostudy all agree the housing industry is cooling. But what should we do to prepare for these changing market conditions?

Most new home sales professionals working today have no experience selling in a down market. When the market is hot, the allure of high commissions from new home sales brings everyone out of the woodwork.

Many of these sales "professionals" are severely undertrained or, in some cases, completely untrained. As a result, they take on lazy habits that lead to a poor customer experience. After all, why should a sales person care about finding out what matters to the customer, when there are 5 more buyers lined up behind them?

But in a buyers' market, it's a different ballgame. As prices fall and builders struggle to meet projections, sales practices will have to change.

How to Prepare for Success in a Cooling Market is a guide to help your organization get back to the fundamentals, and break the bad habits that if continued you not only will see diminishing sales due to market slow down, but diminishing sales due to the declining skill sets of your sales professionals.

In this new home sales guide, you'll learn:

  • How to break bad habits by measuring human behaviors instead of sales numbers
  • 10 important sales practices to stay on top of your profession
  • How to look at the home buying experience from the buyer's perspective
  • Sample tools for tracking / measuring sales professionals' behaviors

How prepared is your organization for the inevitable slowdown that's coming? 

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